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L2OFF.GE - ქართული Lineage II სერვერების კომპლექსი

PTS Epilogue x20 Server information

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L2OFF.GE - PTS Gracia Epilogue server description 
Mid Rate x20 PVP-Craft server

About the server:

Our server is considered as for Party players as Solo players! Server will be an international type. We are doing our best for server and players to be the best, also our server is a classic style, without any custom weapon or armor or any other strange things. Our Team is concentrated to deliver for the players the best quality of the Gracia Epilogue, as it was created by NCSOFT. That’s why you cannot find anything modified by us and it is so as it was meant to be. Our server is based on Official Platform, which guarantees stabile functioning. We have Anti-bot system specially created for and also it will be controlled in game too.
After CBT there will be OBT and if you woud like to take a part in CBT you can contact us through Facebook or Forum.

OBT Start - November 30, 18:00, 2019 (GMT+4), OBT End December 3,  20:00
Server Official Start - December 6, 2019, 20:00 (GMT+4)

The description will be added and changed periodically / Keep an eye on the current topic regularly
• During the OBT and CBT , there will be avialable OBT Section, where you can raise your level, buy dynasties, and many other things that can help you in test period.
Common raits:
Exp: x20
SP: x20
Adena: x10
Drop: х5
Spoil: х5
Quest Reward: x3
Quest Items: x1 - x3
Epaulettes: x5
Seal Stones: x10
Raid Boss: х5
Commands on our server:
;Enables/disables exping
;Enables/disables pet exping
;offline Trade
;Show server time
;Enable/Disable autoloot
Voting for our server:
Voting for our server will be avaliable after the OBT start, for one vote you will receive 1-3 Festival Adena, with it you can buy many rare items in the event shop, for example: Life stones, 11,12,13 soul crys and many other things. To receive reward for voting on l2topzone.com you should click in your Profile's cabinet a spcified button. But for l2top.ru and mmotop.ru reward will be generated automaticaly. Remmeber that voting for our server is very important as for us as for you! So don't forget to vote for us everyday!
The game currency on the server:
on the server there will have 2 new currencies that you can use to buy other items in the store
100 Gold Einhasad  = 1 GEL ( ~ 0.34 EURO)
  • Gold Einhasad

Armor : maximum  A Grade

Weapon: Maximum  A Grade (SA)

Jewl: Maximum  A Grade

Clan Lvl Items.

Clan skill items.

Quest items.

And many other things, come and check it.


  • Festival Adena

Crystals lvl 11,12,13.

Life Stones.

EXP/SP runes and accessories.

  • Adena

A Grade armor, weapons and jewel.


And many other things.



Profession, Sub-class, Nobless:


1 profession: 1000 adena.

2 profession: 100 000 adena.

3 profession: 30 kk adena .

Sub-class: Cost 75kk Adena. Maximum number of sub-classes 3 , maximum lvl 80.

Nobless: Only with quest.



Premium account:


• Premium account can be activated from personal cabinet.

• Premium rates:
Exp = +50 %
Sp = +50 %
Spoil = +50 %
Drop = +50 %

There will be 4 types of premium account:

• 1 Days : Price - 200 Gold Einhasad

• 7 Days : Price - 500 Gold Einhasad

• 15 Days : Price - 1000 Gold Einhasad

• 30 Days : Price - 2000 Gold Einhasad



RB respawn time:



• Valakas : 9 days  +0 to 2 hours random.

• Antharas: 7 days  +0 to 2 hours random. (Antharas will be 82 Level)

• Frintezza: 2 days  +0 to 2 hours random.

• Baium: 5 days  +0 to 2 hours random. (Baium will be 82 Level, so u don't have farm it with bots)

• Queen Ant: 22 hours + 0 to 2 hours random.

• Sub and Nobless rb: 12 hours  + 2 random  hours.

All other Raid bosses respawn time is 36 hours +- 24 hours.(as on Official Platform)



• Day Zaken

9 players (Full party), maximum 36 players.

• Night Zaken

min 27 players , maximum 450.

• Antharas and Valakas stats are reduced by 40%.

• Also because of on the server will be mana and baium is 82 level, Queen Ant's and Baium's stats increased by 30%.



Sieges and Territory wars:


• First sieges will be in 1 weeks after server start. On Sunday 20:00 and 16:00.

• Teritorry wars will start as soon as Castles will be captured on the same day! (minimum must be captured 2 castles)






• Olympiad will start from 16 February 18 : 00 (GMT+4).

• Hero period will be 1 week.

• Minimum players for olympiad is 5 only.







• Auction will available after 3 days from start.

• You can buy via auction Forgottner Scrolls;

• Starting price 150 kk adena.

• It will be held 5 times in a week at 20:00-22:00 (GMT+4).






Hellbound will be 11 lvl.



Macros and Soulshot lag:

• There will be Macros bug on the server.

• There will be soulshot/spiritshot lag on the server.






Skills will be autolearn, except forgotten skills.





Other details:



There will be an autoloot on the server.

Mana Option: 500 / Reuse 10 sec.


Buff slot: 28(+4)/12.

There will not be the special buffs.

It will be free for lvl 1-40, for 40-85 lvl - 5k adena. Buff profile price 100k adena.

Traze Zone:

Trade zone will be in Giran - tax will be 10%, and on other territories - 20%.

Offline trade will be avaliable from lvl 1.


No limit.

99% retail chronicle adaptation!

We wish you nice game!!

Weight Limit and Inventory:

The weight limit is increased and the number of inventories up to 104.


Server description can be changed periodically, Please follow current topic for any updates.




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