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  1. I dont want to make a cry post, it's just i'm boring to playing alone, as spanish player, and server is 99% georgian, it's hard as hell to get Dynasty weapons, Cuz only 1-2 weapons can get by spoil, Drop choise it's absurd with 0.01-0.2% drop. So what other option i have with A grade, and please dont tell me you can Craft S grade and then go Giant cave, if you believe you can kill there alone with S grade and fast, just go(i tested on OBT) So thinking about what to do, and looking at forums, we have 2 quest. -Gracia quest: Impossible as solo. -Hellbound Caravan Quest: I just watch a video guide and i thought, ok let's try. After killing a tons of Caravans moobs to get 30 Mark of betrayal, and hard killing Scorpions playing with 2 account, finally get my 2nd certificate (and it's bugged Cuz you can buy orichalcum, adamantine, Leonard, and HellBound potion, and you can only buy potion). But i think, ok dont worry just go try killing chimeras to get Life force, and when finally get 1, i realized, i need 56 Life force and 14 Contaminated Life force, Next things i do: close Game, deck flip and cry on my bed xDD. Just seriously the server look like 10x rate or lower, moobs are ridiculous strong, and for that i have more than 1 day off from server, think if writting this post or just giving up. Before leave 100% i want to ask for one thing: It's possible to add at shop Contaminated Life Force and Life Force for adena?.
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