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  1. Server official start is tomorrow at 20:00(GMT+4) What we should know about the server start and what updates where made during the OBT! • Consider that registration in Catacombs will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Mamon will appear on Monday 19 February on 18:15(GMT+4), After this Mamon spawn will be as usual. • Today at 15 February after 18:00(GMT+4) - Donation function will be turned on. • Today at 15 February after 18:00(GMT+4) - Reservation of the name will be available. How to make donation- see on the following link. • Epic Bosses will be dead on server start, so it means that their spawn time will start from the server start. • Sieges will be after 2 weeks from the server start.(TW-s will be right after sieges, if minimum two castles will be captured.) • Olympiad will start on money at 19 February on 18:00(GMT+4).(Hero will be announced on Monday at 12:00(GMT+4), it means that last day of Olympiad ის 25 February). • AQ ring drop is increased up to 60% and in Ant Nest can only enter max lvl 45 characters. • On the server will be available option to exchange items for some precious resources. • Agathions for Ponny and Cat buffs will be tradable. • In the section of Festival Adena will be added Quest items for epic bosses for 35 FA. P.S. Except Frintezza quest. • HP/CP/MP recovery will be available in Server helper only in cities. • LVL 12 Crystals will be added in Adena shop for 50kk. • Sub class price will be 500 L2OFF.GE coin. • All epic RB random re-spawn time will be +2 hours. • Auction will be available from the server start. Last updates and more information about the server you can find on the following link. How to vote for the server see on the following link. Following topic will be edited today evening and don't miss the news... We wish you good luck...
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