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Found 2 results

  1. L2OFF.GE offers veteran clans or newly formed teams bonuses for server startup. Clans will receive following prizes determined by the number of players: 1. 9 players - 5 lvl clan and 15k clan reputation. 2. 18 players - 5 lvl clan and 30k clan reputation. 3. 27 players - 5 lvl clan and 45k clan reputation. 4. 36 players - 6 lvl clan and 60k clan reputation. 5. Clan with more players rather than above mentioned list, will have individual bonuses after personal conversation with us... Rule for receiving bonuses is the following: In order to receive the bonuses, it is important to create a theme in "recruit" section about your team and write about your clan and so on. L2OFF.GE - wishes you luck and nice play!
  2. Clan Bonuses / [Бонус] - Переходящим кланам There will be many promotions on our server, one of which is the bonus for those clans who are going to play on our server. The terms and bonuses of the rally are as follows: • 15 players from other IP addresses, will be given 10k reputation and 5 clan level. • 25 players from other IP addresses, will be given 20k reputation and 5 clan level. • 36 players from other IP addresses, will be given 30k reputation and 5 clan level. • The increase of every 9 players will be +5k reputation over 36 players. To get the bonus you need to contact the administrator, on current Post/Forum or on our Facebook account. good luck!
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