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  1. You have Server Helper , you can buy Consumables wherever whenever, what more do you need? , just make weight like retail. Admins,GMs i have one question about quests, i'm dual boxing 3rd class for my two chars , i'm on 2nd aly quest when i kill a mob only one char gets the quest item (Varka’s Badge Soldiers) and its random, sometimes 1 char gets it sometime another, is that because i'm dualboxing or its like that on PTS servers or its a bug?
  2. How? Sry for spam... Untitled.bmp
  3. I have another question about vote rewards, can i transfer them between chars? Ty for your help. Keep up the good work.
  4. It works now , ty GMs, Admins, i got 3, for l2top.ru if you sing up on the website you dont need to wait 1 day.
  5. Yea clicked that button 3-4 times(click then wait 5 min to pass then clicked again) nothing happens, also i was at Dimensional merchant did't get anything just this message "There are no more vitamin items to be found" .
  6. Hello, sorry for spam, but i voted 1h ago and still did't get the rewards.. Voted on all 3 websites.
  7. Ok sry, but you did't answer my question , mby you did't understand it, so i will rephrase the question: What is the minimum life of the server , 1-2-3 years? How log will server be alive/online ? 1 year, 2 years ,3 years minimum? I don't wanna start playing on server that will go down in 3-4-6 months...
  8. Hello everyone, hello server admins,GMs i have one question , What is minimum server life time ? 1-2-3 years? P.S : Active player(4-12h a day) lf clan or party.
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