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  1. we will check barakiel tomorrow and see if there's actual pvp there.
  2. i dont care about stacking QA in my party. I care about pve-ing for 1 week with 0 pvp. Where's the pvp ? We don't need full gear to fight. People already quitting because all they do is kill mobs in empty farming zones. It's prime time now and chimera spot had only my group free farming for 3-4 hours and 1 solo titan that we killed and never came back with any group. My point is that admin should force some pvp on this server. It is so boring now just pve-ing. I hope every clan shows up at baium tomorrow so we can actually pvp.
  3. my party already has 84-83 level chars with 2-3 subs leveled. We're not even gracia players and we have no clue about farm zones. I don't know why you guys are so slow, we don't even play that much. Interlude CP too strong for gracia players ? An organized clan can make 40 level chars and DEMOLISH any ignorant plebs who think they can outsmart big clans. your point is completely invalid. Whoever wants 40 level QA is just a pve whore without a life that care about pixels/jewels more than having fun pvp-ing. You guys are not playing retail or low-rate server. You're playing high rate mana pot npc server. Also, I wish admin made pvp zone chimera spot so we could laugh at all those gracia players dying all over there.
  4. There is 40 level pvp yes, I know. I watched it. It's boring. We need daily 80+ level pvp and that is something your server lacks. 40 level pvp requires little to none skill. Let people pvp for QA with their MAIN CHARACTERS. What's the problem with that ? We are farming gear and levelling to pvp for 1 baium every 5 days and 1 dragon every 10 days ? That's boring and will lead to people quitting the server due to severe boredom. There's 0 people at HB, FOG, IT, stakato or any high level farm zone. This is honestly boring. We need 80+ level pvp before people start quitting. Many people are already complaining about this. I want people to stay so we can pvp and have fun on this server. My intentions are good. Think of the big picture.
  5. Yo, make QA level 80+ so clans can actually attend it with their mains and have some GOOD pvp and not this pointless and dumb 40 level pewpew crap. That ain't fun or motivating at all. I know people who are carebears and pve whores will disagree with this suggestion, but this is a mid-rate npc buff/mana potion PVP server. There's plenty of things you can pve for, don't make epics one of them! Epics are meant for pvp. Baium: Decrease respawn from 5 days to 3. That also benefits the server. How ? -> More 80+ level pvps = More fraps material = More videos & sooner uploaded on youtube = more advertisment = more players joining People joined by just watching my stream doing quests and farming. Imagine if people watch actual pvp with multiple small sides here.
  6. 1 slot left for 1 bishop. Private message me on this forum.
  7. What the hell ? nwa is a clan some BR friend made for 1-2 servers(l2 metal - l2 lion). I'm leader of SGC cp/clan. Sometimes we played a party in other clans and sometimes we made our own side/clan. www.youtube.com/Yeahakias
  8. Private msg me on this forum with your info: - Experience on gracia as a healer - Do you use teamspeak ? - Do you understand spoken english ? - Age - Any L2 videos that include you Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Yeahakias Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikosyeahthepro/
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