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  1. That's pretty much the logic here and even Admins support it as it seems. I know this is probably not the right topic to say this but that's how things are. All people are joining the Georgian Clans and no chance for the Internationals, I started on this Server with almost 2 parties (you can ask the people of the 1st day of Server we had parties full of people and couldn't invite more) and now all left because "any Georgian Clan will take you if you ask them" so it became impossible for us to play even if we have some very experienced players but if you stay with 1-2 parties while other Clans become more and more by inviting anyone else, no matter how much experience you have if it's like 1-2 parties vs 100 Georgians on first bosses the experience of each individual won't even count and it will be all about member numbers. I am not saying you, GMs, wanted this or you done it 100% on purpose, but it seems you people support that logic, same as the GE Clan Leaders, so the results are like this, as pableitor says the ideal of INT people believing it's a server who "is 99% georgian". Of course, it's not VERY bad, because Georgians like the Server as it seems and there's no need for lots of Internationals, but I thought things will be different. I'm happy for your Server cause last time I checked it seemed pretty populated, you guys are good people and deserve success, but you could have had more than this and I am just sharing my thoughts I am not trying to be extremely negative or anything.
  2. Hello. I am not a slow player, my farming char is not any low level, and I can for surely verify pableitor's Clan did not get the last AQ if that's what you think so "just a pve whore without a life that care about pixels/jewels" is not just rude but also invalid, he just supports how AQ is meant to be along with the Admins. AQ is a low level boss, it's totally different than those other bosses, a different experience with different tactics and skills to use. Making it 80+ will just make it like all the other bosses and ruin it's uniqueness. If you want level 80+ PvP just wait for other Epics or other Events, or simply PvP at known visited zones, the Admins made sure no high levels can interrupt and change the AQ game, Players supported it, and as you can see in this whole topic you are the only who wants it otherwise. I have to confess it's impossible for your Clan or mine at this point to take an AQ, maybe will change in future, and probably that's what you are on about, because there's huge zergs of Georgian Clans who of course get members as most of new players are Georgians and almost never from other countries, but that doesn't mean it will be fixed by changing the whole system of AQ just so you and me can contest it, it will be fixed if some more International players join, or if you make some merges/alliances, or if you make very strong AQ chars (there is a way to do that, not just enchanting, I know some secrets about that), etc., but definitely not by changing how stuff works. As for the "benefits the server" part, the current AQ benefits the Server as well, go check out ForceMaster1's stream and you will understand what I mean.
  3. In 24 hours from now it will be L2Off's Birth, I made these Birthday Cakes as a reminder for all of us players in OBT that fun times are coming tomorrow and the Server will Launch. Who knows, maybe next year at 16/02/19 the Server will still be alive for all of us and we might be here to wish a Happy Birthday.
  4. BOSS

    About Bishops

    Yes I agree with Lucas, it will be pretty easy till 79 and then it just needs some time to be done, nothing too hard especially with 300% Vitality and maybe EXP +50% Rune. The problem might be on farm with BPs but they will make an altchar and be fine or Clan will help them.
  5. BOSS

    About Bishops

    All I made this topic for is to ask if they farm by themselves (regardless of Clan help) they need to make another character or there is some features about them on this Server, I didn't say it must be modified or anything, I didn't say we won't help them as a Clan if they deserve, don't get me wrong it's only 1 question and as you can see by my words below I got it.
  6. BOSS

    About Bishops

    Yes, everyone can achieve more if working with team and we will help them from our Clan as much as we can if they deserve there's no doubt about that but they can't always depend on someone else about everything there will be times where they need to do stuff alone so I guess the way is to make a second farm char like Warlord or Titan. Bishops will NEVER be able to farm like Nukers with their Inquisitor, there is a huge damage difference between the two classes.
  7. I was wondering about Bishops, we all know it's hard as Bishop to farm so is there any locations where our BPs can farm? Or they need to make Titans first? Maybe like Anomic Foundry which is good location on some Servers if its modified the right way. EDIT: Of course there will be activities where they can farm with Clan or for example some RBs or Delusion, etc. but I am talking about when they want to solo farm.
  8. No clue, that's what I try to figure out. But it would be good if more Clans around the world join that's for sure.
  9. Aha, okay. It just said Greek when I clicked on him while his TS name is "YeahThePro - CP/Clan Leader" and I thought it's Rider because when Rider was on Sovereign at other Server he used to have a Greek CP too.
  10. Are you YeahThePro on TeamSpeak? Anyone knows who this guy is?
  11. BOSS

    New Side <3

    Sounds interesting OkiDoki, good luck hope you and your people will enjoy this Server and who knows maybe we will be on the same side in the future if destiny wants us to.
  12. Can't wait to see all these nice things you mention. Meanwhile I try to get as many people as I can to come from my Clan but not much luck so far, I'll keep digging.
  13. Basically this is a topic we created with the few people from my Clan that joined the BETA and tested some stuff. These suggestions aim to make the Server a better place for us and hopefully for all others too, I hope you will like them. * Bug Report * 1) The name of Clan when you target a character doesn't fully show, it gets glitched with the image and letters get hidden. * IMPORTANT Suggestions * 2) The epics are way too overrated on private servers, so many people gather for only 1 person to get an Item and that Item is not even that much OP. 3 random hours is way too much and demotivates people, especially those who will try for 3 hours and just fail PvP with nothing received or if they succeeded at PvP and just failed inside, that will discourage people to even try next time, I think +1 hour is the best for high tense and hard PvP, without much discourage for the people who lost, maybe Valakas/Antharas +2 hours. 3) I believe the Hero Polearm is way too op to be retail, it will make buffs 0 in no time, is there any ways to change that one? The Hero Polearm is designed because on official you have buffer in the party, here it's a x50 PvP-based Server I don't believe it needs to be that way. 4) Can you make us be able to buy Epics Quest Items (Floating Stone, Blood Fabric, Portal Stone, Frintezza's Magic Force) with Festival Coins or at least some way easier than doing the whole Quests, this way we will be able to have some active PvP at Epic Zones which will be fun instead of only having a very few people who happened to have the Quest? 5) Since this is claimed to be a craft x50 Server, I believe it would be good to make EXP Freeze function so we can spoil on low level areas without gaining exp. 6) This is another very important suggestion, if possible make a Clan Item like Reputation Scroll where it gives +500 Clan Rep each Scroll, I think this would be great and we can buy it with Festival Adenas maybe, us Clan lovers will really appreciate it trust me. 7) I noticed in the past and been told that Mage Weapons got lower succeed rates than Fighter Weapons on PTS. I tested it with Clannies and it seemed to be true here as well. This is very unfair, because on Gracia Epilogue the Top Classes are not the Nukers (spellsingers, sorcerors, spellhollowers, necromancers, etc.) but the Fighters (Gladis, DBs, GKs, Ghost Hunters, etc.) on PvP and Olympiad. If you don't believe me have any of the mentioned classes with same gear 1v1 each other Mage vs Fighter, the result is already known, Fighters will win always. Giving such a disadvantage to Mages who are by themselves not that powerful is unfair on my opinion and all enchants at least on S Grade+ weapons deserve to be the same regardless if Mage or Fighter. * Other Suggestions * 8) Add few NPCs to Giran on the location at spawn/teleport, Giran is the place people gather so it would be great if you placed a few of them, for example a Warehouse close to GK, Mammon, maybe a gatekeeper to go to Towns-Citadel-Arenas(coli,giran,etc.)-few other Areas/Avant-Garde,etc. 9) I think it would be nice to approach another way to get Noblesse, maybe by paying an extremely high amount of Adenas like 500kk+/-. 10) Add a way so we can heal full HP/CP/MP in town(maybe), other than spamming CoV for HP. 11) Can you let us be able to put offline buffers like offline shops exist? * QUESTIONS * 12) Is there a way to see the drops list of a mob, like in delusion whats the chances of each drop and what drops, etc.? 13) Is it worth making an alt char with buffer class? Are you planning to increase duration of some buffs in the future? For example, right now making a pony buffer is like 5-6 minutes buff while donating for Agathion it lasts for 10 minutes.. * TO BE EDITED * In your Server Information forum thread you don't state the following: a) "Olympiad" doesn't say what hours oly will be open and which timezone. b) "Sieges/TWs" don't say after they start how many days to wait till have them again, is it every 2 weeks? c) "RBs" don't say spawn, only respawn, for example Valakas will be up when server opens or it will be up 11 days after server opened? d) In that topic it says Olympiad cycle will be 1 week but also it says it will be 1 month I assume the first is only for OBT and second is for the actual opening? DISCLAIMER: I think I saw 1-2 of the suggestions already exists on the Server but I wrote them up just incase I misread.
  14. It's fixed, I appreciate your efforts Administrator.
  15. If the Clan is fit, would you like to join an English Clan or there's no way of doing that? We would be interested in you if we play here, check us out.
  16. Hahahaha, είμαστε λίγοι αλλά αν έρθουμε θα είμαστε περισσότεροι Έλλην.
  17. Rider απ'τον άλλον Server?
  18. That depends for if my Clan decides to stay here and how many players will want to join, if happens as planned, will be fun indeed. Good luck to you too @OmniKnight.
  19. Πόσοι είμαστε;
  20. I think you just approved it so I believe I just don't have permission to edit it, yes.
  21. Aha, alright Lucas, one more thing, okay about the posts but what about the Edit I want to keep making some updates on my Clan post and I can't edit it apparently..
  22. Hello guys, soon I will enter the Server and also give you my share of the coin of what I believe can make the in-game better and more attractive for players. Now as for the forum, I have to request 2 things, first of all I've read you can create our native language subforum, it's no secret many players from Greece play Lineage 2, can you add that? Greek language section? Second, I noticed almost everything posted needs moderator approval, I think this is tiresome for the Admins and also there's no reason for that, if someone dares to advertise or something I am sure you guys will see it immediately and ban him, also that doesn't even happen on L2 anymore so I pretty much don't understand the point behind this, is there some other reason you don't let people post what they want without your supervising? Also I want to edit and update my Clan post (it's not posted yet it needs approval) and I can't even edit it, I first time see that on a forum in a while is there any chance that will be changed or it's gonna stay like this for ever?
  23. " Nulli secundus " It's no secret this Server grabbed our attention, and we are really thinking about joining it. This is the thread requesting you to join us, Sovereign, on the Server and have some moments with us, if you believe you are one of us. * Clan Crests: , , * Ally Crest: - Requirements To become our Member: Speak fine English, be able to communicate. After you spent some time with us and decided you like it here, join our Discord/Facebook private groups so we keep contact with each other. No, you don't need to voice chat in Discord. Checking our schedule every day. Be able to work in team spirit and respect the other members. Understanding who we want and meant to be, our goals. Helping the Clan by coming to activities when you are Online. The Clan's High Command (Leader+Captains) decides who takes what from the activities that we get sorts of achievements, it's usually the most active player and trust me on this we are brutally honest/fair and take into consideration what's the best for the Clan, always, whatever it takes and will never be unfair. To become our Alliance: Joining our own created Alliance, called "Authority". Assisting us when requested and of course the same will be expected of us. Talking English on Ally chat so we can communicate. Accepting to work on fair terms of sharing our achievements, we usually work by who's having the best impact, for example if we go to a Valakas, Epic drops, and the Ally Clan got 18 active (alts don't count) players while our Clan got 9 active players, it would be unfair if we both had the same odds of taking the Item since the Ally done more than us, the drop will go like this: 2 chars of the ally Clan Leader and 1 char of our Clan will be in a party of Random Loot, we drop the Item and who ever picks it keeps it and decides what he's gonna do with it. - Who are we We are the Sovereign, the dragon defines us, we are a group aiming for a great team spirit and to conquer the whole L2 world to make it a better place, the most important thing about us is that we never give up, we keep going because we know what ever happens we still have each other, united, in one fist. We've accomplished it in our previous Server and gonna do it again, here's some screenshots of us before:
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