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  1. We will be happy with this decision. Joining the forces is often necessary and important.
  2. Me mchirdeba bp rogorc pt shi ise klanshi tu gesiamovneba chventan zustad is situaciaa rac agwere aranair failze ar gavdivart serveridan asakic egre vart me The0Genes maweria serverze exla. Pozitivs da kaifs chven pt shi da klanshi ro naxav ise versad martla ogond <3
  3. Hi Everyone. First of all I would like to thank you all who are going to play on this server, and then I want to give you new information about the new Clan, that will be created for the first time from experienced and professional players on this server.The game style of our clan will be different and distinct from everyone else, which will cause others to be surprised. Everybody who wants to play in friendly, Fair and funny environment our clan is the place where you can get the most fun.there were no player,party,clan or alliance which can stand against our strikes and i'm pretty sure it will be same here too.The name of our clan is secret until thirteen February. GL&HF.
  4. Check out your PM i wrote you something.
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