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    In 24 hours from now it will be L2Off's Birth, I made these Birthday Cakes as a reminder for all of us players in OBT that fun times are coming tomorrow and the Server will Launch. Who knows, maybe next year at 16/02/19 the Server will still be alive for all of us and we might be here to wish a Happy Birthday.
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    Nice, good luck to you... I've hope it will be good fun for us and it will be big challenge for us against foreigner players.
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    " Nulli secundus " It's no secret this Server grabbed our attention, and we are really thinking about joining it. This is the thread requesting you to join us, Sovereign, on the Server and have some moments with us, if you believe you are one of us. * Clan Crests: , , * Ally Crest: - Requirements To become our Member: Speak fine English, be able to communicate. After you spent some time with us and decided you like it here, join our Discord/Facebook private groups so we keep contact with each other. No, you don't need to voice chat in Discord. Checking our schedule every day. Be able to work in team spirit and respect the other members. Understanding who we want and meant to be, our goals. Helping the Clan by coming to activities when you are Online. The Clan's High Command (Leader+Captains) decides who takes what from the activities that we get sorts of achievements, it's usually the most active player and trust me on this we are brutally honest/fair and take into consideration what's the best for the Clan, always, whatever it takes and will never be unfair. To become our Alliance: Joining our own created Alliance, called "Authority". Assisting us when requested and of course the same will be expected of us. Talking English on Ally chat so we can communicate. Accepting to work on fair terms of sharing our achievements, we usually work by who's having the best impact, for example if we go to a Valakas, Epic drops, and the Ally Clan got 18 active (alts don't count) players while our Clan got 9 active players, it would be unfair if we both had the same odds of taking the Item since the Ally done more than us, the drop will go like this: 2 chars of the ally Clan Leader and 1 char of our Clan will be in a party of Random Loot, we drop the Item and who ever picks it keeps it and decides what he's gonna do with it. - Who are we We are the Sovereign, the dragon defines us, we are a group aiming for a great team spirit and to conquer the whole L2 world to make it a better place, the most important thing about us is that we never give up, we keep going because we know what ever happens we still have each other, united, in one fist. We've accomplished it in our previous Server and gonna do it again, here's some screenshots of us before:
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    What the hell ? nwa is a clan some BR friend made for 1-2 servers(l2 metal - l2 lion). I'm leader of SGC cp/clan. Sometimes we played a party in other clans and sometimes we made our own side/clan. www.youtube.com/Yeahakias
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    Yes I agree with Lucas, it will be pretty easy till 79 and then it just needs some time to be done, nothing too hard especially with 300% Vitality and maybe EXP +50% Rune. The problem might be on farm with BPs but they will make an altchar and be fine or Clan will help them.
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    GL nice to see you here and up war in few hours from start
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    მოგესალმებით, კლანი უსასრულო აპირებს თამაშს მომავალ სერვერზე. ჩვენ გპირდებით მაქსიმალურ გართობას და მონაწილეობას ყველა ეპიკურ ბოსზე, ვიწვევთ სხვა კლანებს.
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    Всем привет. Прошлый сервер очень зашел, так что решил не пропускать и этот старт. Открыт набор для пачек, соло игроков не беру. Более детально отвечу на ваши вопросы в скайпе. skype: yanz.huyanz youtube /eng version Hi all, last server were good and i decide to play new L2OFF. Open recruit for parties, for all info contact me in skype: yanz.huyanz
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    ძალიან კარგი, იმედია მოესწრება დეკემბრის დასაწყისში, წარმატებები.
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    Hello, No it is not a bug. It is random and only one receives a quest item. Many Java servers use like that(retail) some doing that quest item goes to everyone, no metter who kills it.
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    You have Server Helper , you can buy Consumables wherever whenever, what more do you need? , just make weight like retail. Admins,GMs i have one question about quests, i'm dual boxing 3rd class for my two chars , i'm on 2nd aly quest when i kill a mob only one char gets the quest item (Varka’s Badge Soldiers) and its random, sometimes 1 char gets it sometime another, is that because i'm dualboxing or its like that on PTS servers or its a bug?
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    1 slot left for 1 bishop. Private message me on this forum.
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    ტურტლე აღარ ქვრება, ვიტალიტის გასაყინი 10 წუთიდან გახდა 30. ჰპ/ცპ/მპ ამოვიღეთ. მანა ფოთიონი გახდა 15კ ადენა. და კლანებს ბონუსები დავურიცხეთ. სხვა დანარჩენი ხელუხლებელია
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    Yea clicked that button 3-4 times(click then wait 5 min to pass then clicked again) nothing happens, also i was at Dimensional merchant did't get anything just this message "There are no more vitamin items to be found" .
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    ertjeradi bagia albat... eh arausahvs ras vizam davanebeb tavs. ver vpoulob.
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    daxuret tema ukve movagvare <3 madloba gamoxmaurebisatvis
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    As we have announced that we are going to make the server long living, we will do our best to make it more than one year, also we have future plans regarding the server. there is nothing to worry about.
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    We wish all of us good luck! Thanks Boss!
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    Yes, as we haven't changed anything on official platfrom, and as we support server as it meant to be this means that Support class needs some second char for farm...
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    i hope you guys keep everything as much as "retail" as possible
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    Bishop can farm anywhere like nukers with inquisitor...
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    Thank you, we will try our best also!
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    Hello, good evening again, I was looking at the server and I noticed a small detail that that I cared about ... buff cat and pony right now retail, I would like to know if you could put them on time as the other buff and I do not know if the artisan is retail but I add it to my demand in case it is. I await your response, thank you
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    Thanks for your interest in our server... Every question will be answered before the start, latest changes, suggestions and much more will be announced.
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    It's fixed, I appreciate your efforts Administrator.
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    BP vedzeb adamianur, pozitiur, nervebdawynarebul partys. sasurvelia 20 wlis zemot xalxi da "valakasi rogor agvexa server fail gavedit da a.sh marazmishi gadavardnili individebi nu shemexmianebit". prime 9pm-1am. pauza mqonda did xniani magram BP var sakmao gamocdilebit. detlebze momweret PM forumze and daakomentaret good luck! ^
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    Hahahaha, είμαστε λίγοι αλλά αν έρθουμε θα είμαστε περισσότεροι Έλλην.
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    Rider απ'τον άλλον Server?
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    That depends for if my Clan decides to stay here and how many players will want to join, if happens as planned, will be fun indeed. Good luck to you too @OmniKnight.
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    Ελπίζω, είστε πάρα πολλοί!
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    And also Greek Section has been created! καλή τύχη
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    Keep in mind, now on OBT u can buy nobless, but on live server to take a nobless it will possible only with quest and rb. It wont be in donation. Donation shop : This is all u can buy from l2off.ge section in shop. + Accessories + Premium + Nick change Soul Cry max to 14 level.. and its all... I know servers where u can buy everything whatever u wish, stats, top weapons and maybe full items .. maybe even black market where administration sells everything. but about our server there is nothing to say about donation.
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    One Word: Thanks. I Will give a try to the server. I would like my clan will be here too, but some1 dont like Chronicle, another see "donation" and got crazy xD.. btw i love this Chronicle, and i Will try It. Of Course, right now i'm alone player (Spain) and normally when i play L2 i spend 3-4h per day
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    If you are playing alone and you are interested you can join our Community if we decide to stick up in this Server, we are ENG Clan.
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    • SOD - minimum ppl need 12 ( not 30 - 40 ) • spoil rate is for all players same not for solo players or party/clan players • retail spawn is for all players same (not for only solo players) • Why to get S grade when u can get Dynasty from quests, which rates are x3 - to x6. (it's for all) | Den of Evil, mithril mines, Giant's Cave, this is the same for all. I as i said this rates are different from java server rates. • on Gracia Chronicles Enchants was always problem.. it's not easy to get enchant scrolls. • In one week who knows playing will have full dynasty (except att,cry). Not Only admin take decision about server, admin every day talks with players/clan members in TeamSpeak. Server is looking for to be long living and more dynamic life on server, not to get everything in 1 week. Yes of course there will be some difficulties, because u want get everything fast and its PTS server not java. Why is this server for 30-40 ppl, when there is locations for dynasty quests (with rate x3 till x6) where solo ppl can farm without any problems... when SOD need minimum 12 ppl, and many other stuff... If u are talking about epic bosses, of course for solo players they will be problem for any other side this server is mid rate, pvp craft, yes when u have buff,mana and much more to buy from gmshop server is very easy.
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    VooDooPeople™ Hi Everyone Of course we are running on the server so far, now we are 2 pt ( with good Setup-s). I need all good players Unlike others, we did not have fraps but everyone knows who i am. Why VooDooPeople™? If you want to join all epic mpvp. Tw/Siege. Good community. Maximum enjoyment and no stress tension. Fun everywhere and always. Well thought out PT(Setup)-s. More side more fun. What i can promise (Hanz) ? Minimum Time Maximum Bust. The controls in maspvp. From start to dominance. What i request from you? .Listening. Online time 6+ Microfone + 18+. Adequate u already thinking? s://www.facebook.com/Gioo.kipiani - Online 24/7 https://www.facebook.com/groups/219964748500978/ - Our Group. Haters will suck my [censored] everytime
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    VooDooPeople™ ჰაი პიუპილს ! რათქმაუნდა ვსტარტავთ სერვერზე ჯერჯერობით 2 pt (დალაგებული Setup-ით). მჭირდება ყველა ყველა და ყველა + ზადროტები. ხო სხვებისგან განსხვავებით არ ვ- frapsavt but ყველამ ყველაფერი იცით. რატომ VooDooPeople™? თუ გინდა ყველა ეპიკზე ზამესი . Tw/Siege. კარგი community. მაქსიმალური სიამოვნების მიღება და არანაირი სტრესი დაძაბულობა. Fun ყველგან და ყოველთვის. გააზრებული, დალაგებული კარგად ნაფიქრი PT(სეთაფ)-ები. მეტი side მეტი ფუნი. რას გპირდებათ უშვალოდ Hanz-ა? მინიმალურ დროში მაქსიმალურ ბუსტს. TSL სტრატეგიებს. (Hanz სტრატეგოსი ) კონტროლს უშვალოდ maspvp ზამესებში. სტარტიდანვე დომინაციას. ეპიკები ყველას დამსახურების მიხედვით, არანაირი cl ვარ მე უნდა მოვიხოდო დსმაო და [ცენზურა] თემები (ბევრს ტრაკო აეწვა ვიცი ) რას მოვითხოვ თქვენგან ? Online (რაც მეტი მით უკეტესი) მოსმენას. ადეკვატურობას. მიკროფონის ქონას (კარგი იქნება) are u already thinking? really? https://www.facebook.com/Gioo.kipiani -სვიაზზე ვარ 24/7 https://www.facebook.com/groups/219964748500978/ - ჩვენი გროუპი. ჰეითერებს ველი Shot00023.bmp
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    First of all, sorry for my english. I think about barakiel kill for nobless, and see it has 24h~ spawn. Dont you think on 50x rate server, it's to much time to wait to become nobless? xD. btw i prefer to low drop on barakiel, and spawn more quickly. It's just a suggestion
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    Where did you find information about our server?
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    bolo bosi romaa Lematan, eg xom gemze unda teleportdebodes da ar vici sad aris gaqra.
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    ჩემი კლანი ნაციონალიზმს მისდევს, ჩვენ კლანში არ დაიშვებიან სხვა ეროვნების მოთამაშეები!
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