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    In 24 hours from now it will be L2Off's Birth, I made these Birthday Cakes as a reminder for all of us players in OBT that fun times are coming tomorrow and the Server will Launch. Who knows, maybe next year at 16/02/19 the Server will still be alive for all of us and we might be here to wish a Happy Birthday.
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    Yes I agree with Lucas, it will be pretty easy till 79 and then it just needs some time to be done, nothing too hard especially with 300% Vitality and maybe EXP +50% Rune. The problem might be on farm with BPs but they will make an altchar and be fine or Clan will help them.
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    We wish all of us good luck! Thanks Boss!
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    Yes, as we haven't changed anything on official platfrom, and as we support server as it meant to be this means that Support class needs some second char for farm...
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    i hope you guys keep everything as much as "retail" as possible
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    the real "YeahThePro" is a member of NWA clan ( Brazilian) but there are many people using that name As far as for me im a CP leader/ sub leader of the clan TrapRock which will join here Over 10 CP's ( and i dont count allies) Here's a fraps from us but this not the topic to talk about it here. I'll soon make one for our clan.
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    Bishop can farm anywhere like nukers with inquisitor...
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    Yes as more Clans will join as more fun will be there on server
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